Introducing biblioMagika® - Your One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis

Welcome to biblioMagika®, the ultimate tool designed to revolutionize bibliometric analysis for researchers of all levels. By harnessing the power of biblioMagika®, you can effortlessly transform your Scopus data into an array of meaningful metrics, including citation counts, h-index, g-index, and many more. Moreover, biblioMagika® simplifies the process of cleaning and harmonizing author, affiliation, and country data, ensuring accuracy and reliability before uploading your data to VOSviewer or Biblioshiny. Say goodbye to manual data cleaning and complex calculations - biblioMagika® is here to make bibliometric analysis easier and more accessible than ever before.

With a wide range of features, biblioMagika® provides unmatched compatibility with the Scopus database, generating essential citation metrics and offering flexible, in-depth analysis based on various parameters. In addition, the app facilitates the identification of highly cited documents and author productivity assessment while comparing single and multi-author publications. Furthermore, biblioMagika® excels in processing author and affiliation data, identifying missing information, automatically recognizing institutions and countries, and integrating with popular data cleaning and visualization tools like OpenRefine, VOSviewer, and Biblioshiny.


  1. Compatibility with Scopus Database: biblioMagika® can analyze datasets downloaded from the Scopus database, making it easier for users to work with this widely used data source.
  2. Citation Metrics Generation: The app can generate a variety of citation metrics for the overall dataset such as Publication Years, Total Publications (TP), Number of Contributing Authors (NCA), Number of Cited Publications (NCP), Total Citations (TC), Citations per Paper (C/P), Citations per Cited Paper (C/CP), Citations per Author (C/A), Authors per Paper (A/P), Citations per Year (C/Y), Citable Year, h-index, g-index and m-index and Citation Sum within h-Core.
  3. Flexible Analysis: biblioMagika® can conduct analyses based on various parameters such as publication by year, source, author, affiliation, and country with bibliometric measurement such as Total Publications (TP), Number of Contributing Authors (NCA), Number of Cited Publications (NCP), Total Citations (TC), Citations per Paper (C/P), Citations per Cited Paper (C/CP), Citations per Author (C/A), Authors per Paper (A/P), Citations per Year (C/Y), Citable Year, h-index, g-index and m-index and Citation Sum within h-Core.
  4. Highly Cited Document Analysis: biblioMagika® can identify and analyze the top highly cited documents, providing insights into the most influential works in a given field.
  5. Author Count Analysis: The app can determine the number of papers per author, allowing you to assess an author's productivity and contribution to a field.
  6. Single vs. Multiple Author Comparison: biblioMagika® enables you to compare single-author and multi-author publications, providing insights into collaboration patterns and their impact on citation metrics.
  7. Author and Affiliation Data Processing: The app provides a platform for splitting and harmonizing author names, affiliations, and country data. This feature ensures that the processed data is clean and standardized, minimizing discrepancies and errors.
  8. Missing Data Identification: biblioMagika® can help to detect missing data within the dataset, allowing users to complete and correct the information before proceeding with further analysis. This feature ensures the reliability and accuracy of the results.
  9. Automatic Institution and Country Recognition: biblioMagika® can automatically identify institution names and countries associated with authors, which is essential for standardizing and harmonizing the data.
  10. Discover Productivity Patterns and Lotka's Law: Explore the productivity patterns of authors and experience the implementation of Lotka's Law. Your valuable feedback will help us further improve this feature.
  11. Integration with OpenRefine: For thorough cleaning and harmonization, biblioMagika® can be used in conjunction with OpenRefine, a popular open-source data cleaning tool. This integration allows users to further refine and standardize their datasets, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency.
  12. Integration with VOSviewer and Biblioshiny: Once the data is cleaned and harmonized, it can be used in conjunction with VOSviewer and Biblioshiny, popular tools for visualizing and analyzing bibliometric data. This compatibility enhances the overall user experience and makes it easier to obtain meaningful insights from the data.


Flowchart for Bibliometric Analysis Dataset Preparation using biblioMagika®


Sample Analysis from biblioMagika®




biblioMagika® now can be downloaded at

Just so you know, while this app is available for download, it is best utilized during my guided sessions, such as the training sessions I regularly conduct, or by following the step-by-step process outlined in my book. You should also follow the flowchart that has been provided above.

How to Cite biblioMagika®

If you are using the biblioMagika® in one of your research articles, please use the following format:

Ahmi, A. (2023) biblioMagika, available from

Version History

biblioMagika® - v2.3
Fixed the calculation of g-index for Authors, Affiliations and Countries.

biblioMagika® - v2.2
Added DOI for Highly Cited Documents.
Minor cell formatting.

biblioMagika® - v2.1
Increase the limitation of analysis from 10000 to the limit that Excel or your computer can works Increase from 20 to 50 highly cited documents.
Add refresh button to recalculate all the measurements related to h-index, g-index and m-index based on the total number of documents. So, your computer will not use the resources all the times
Fixed the calculation of C/CP for source titles.
Convert from normal Excel file (.xlsx) to Macro-enabled file (.xslm)
Format all the buttons in the Home sheet into bevel

biblioMagika® - v2.0
Convert the Basic Info Pivot Table from Horizontal to Vertical.
All of the measurements in the Basic Info. have been renamed in full.
Added productivity patterns of authors and Lotka's Law (still in Beta version)
Added data label and axis titles to column chart for single author vs multi-authors
New color scheme for the main menu and all the worksheets
Fixed "0" data for authors
Some "tips" from the callout boxes have been added and improved

biblioMagika® - v1.9.0
Updated formula to read column "Cited by" due to the changes made by Scopus (New Version)

biblioMagika® - v1.8.1
Reorganised the menu button

biblioMagika® - v1.8
Added column Citable Year and Pub. Year Start for Source, Author, Affiliation and Country Analysis
Added column Citable Year for Year
Fixed m-index calculation.
Remove POP worksheet. All calculation in now will be based on Scopus New Version .csv file
Added calculation for C/Y
Added calculation for C/A
Added more calculation in Data(Year) to calculate the citation metrics for ALL the data.
Added citation metrics in basic info.
Removed Join workheet. All splitting and joining process will be focused on the biblioMagika®Split.xlsm file.

biblioMagika® - v1.7
Fixed the issue with sum of h-index, g-index, m-index and citation sum with h-core. These values cannot be summed up.
Change the name from Joining Splitted Data into Joined Data. Data joined process should be done in the other biblioMagika®Split.xlsm file since the macros from this file have been removed.
Fixed the reading TP of affiliation from POP

biblioMagika® - v1.60
Support for reading POP file
Added Top-20 Highly Cited Documents
Added Authorship Analysis: Number of Author(s) per Document and analysis of Single-author vs. Multi-authors
Added additional fields for Publication by Source Titles
Added Top 25 Most Productive Authors (Read from POP Worksheet)
Added Top 25 Most Productive Institutions (Read from POP Worksheet)
Added Total Documents by Country (Read from POP Worksheet)
Added Map by Continent
Re-arranged the columns in Split(Author) worksheet
Re-arranged the columns in Split(Affiliation) worksheet
Re-arranged the columns in Split(Country) worksheet
Re-arranged Home worksheet
Removed all macros
Changed the format from .xlsm to xlsx

04/03/2023 |
biblioMagika® - v1.50
Fixed the code due to higher resource usage error in Excel
Update the speed for joining the splitted file

biblioMagika® - v1.30
Limit the row reading from 20000 to 10000 data only.
Fixed the some of the formula.

biblioMagika® - v1.10
Main menu is created and released for public view.
Fixed the issue of slowingly splitting the author and affiliation field.

biblioMagika® - v1.00
The first version is released. This version include the splitting and joining the author and affiliation field.


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