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Bibliometric Analysis using R for Non-Coders
A practical handbook in conducting bibliometric analysis studies using Biblioshiny for Bibliometrix R package.
by Aidi Ahmi

This book explains all the topics and analyses covered in Biblioshiny, a tiny app part of the Bibliometrix R package. For each topic, this book will (1) introduce the concept, (2) show the steps of how it can be conducted, and (3) explain how each result can be interpreted. Some of the important references have also been highlighted for the readers to investigate further. R is a programming language that has been used for statistical computing and data analytics. The use of this software is possibly quite difficult for non-technical users. However, this book will introduce an app that can integrate all the technicalities into a simpler one that can easily be used by non-coders or those who do not have any knowledge of programming. While this app seems too easy to use, it does, however, require the user’s understanding of some of the processes and concepts before it can be run. This book also introduced a tool to clean and harmonise bibliographical data using OpenRefine, a powerful tool for working with messy data. Although this tool is not part of Biblioshiny, every researcher needs to make sure that their data is clean before any analysis can be conducted.


Format: e-Book | 260 pages
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Language: English
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1. Can I view the content of this book?
You can access the Table of Contents HERE

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A preprint edition is a version of a manuscript before formal peer review.

4. What is the price of this book?
The current price for this e-book version is USD 19.90.

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The content of this book is in color.

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No, currently, this book is available as pdf downloadable book.

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