How to Export Scopus Saved List into Scopus New Version

Troubleshooting Scopus Saved List.

Exporting Scopus Saved List into Scopus New Version

If you want to export a saved list from the old version of Scopus to the new version, follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Open your saved list in Scopus. Make sure that your saved list has been thoroughly screened and cleaned to ensure that it contains only documents relevant to your study's topic.
  2. Export your saved list in CSV format. Ensure that you exclude the references column, as including it may corrupt the CSV file due to the limitation of cells, which can only contain 32,767 characters if opened in Excel.
  3. Once the export is complete, open the CSV file.
  4. Copy all the data from the EID (Electronic Identifier) column.
  5. Paste the copied data into a blank Microsoft Word document as plain text.
  6. Use the Find and Replace function in Word to replace "^p" with ") OR EID(". This step helps format the EIDs for the search query in the new version of Scopus.
  7. Verify that the beginning and end of the data in Word are in the correct order.
  8. Copy all the modified data in Word and navigate to the Scopus website.
  9. Access the advanced search feature on Scopus and paste the search query (which includes the modified EIDs) into the search field.
  10. Ensure that the total number of document results in the new version matches the number of items in your saved list.
  11. Finally, you can download the data from the new version of Scopus, which should now reflect your original saved list.

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