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Mastering Bibliometric Analysis with ChatGPT
Your essential handbook for communication with ChatGPT and performing effective bibliometric analysis to take your research to the next level.
by Aidi Ahmi

Discover the transformative power of AI in bibliometric analysis with this comprehensive guide. This book introduces ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, and demonstrates its applications in every facet of bibliometric research. Whether you're a seasoned bibliometrician or new to the field, this resource simplifies AI integration for enhanced research efficiency. From understanding ChatGPT's architecture to refining research questions, constructing effective queries, and streamlining data cleaning, each chapter equips you with valuable insights. Dive into authorship and collaboration analysis, network visualization, thematic analysis, and citation analysis, and learn to draft well-structured research papers with ChatGPT's assistance. Explore ethical considerations, future trends, and collaboration possibilities in the AI-bibliometrics intersection. With practical examples, resources, and tailored research questions, this book empowers you to maximize the impact of your work. Stay at the forefront of innovation, and embrace the evolving field of AI in bibliometric analysis. Your journey begins here.

Format: eBook and Printed | 237 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches
Language: English
Price: USD19.99 (e-Book) or RM49.90 (Printed) 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I view the content of this book?
You can access the Table of Contents HERE

2. What is a preprint edition?
A preprint edition is a version of a manuscript before formal peer review. 

3. What is the price of this book?
The current price for e-book version is USD19.99 and printed version is RM49.90 (excluding postage).

4. Is the content of this book in black and white or in color?
The content of this book is in color for e-book version and black and white for the printed version.

5. Do you offer a hardcopy version?
Yes, very limited copy available now. Will be posted within 2-3 business days. Please be patient as it might take longer than expected.

6. How can I place an order?
Please click the button below. Payment can be made using FPX, Google Pay or Debit/Credit Card through PayPal.

7. Do you accept online bank transfers?
Yes, I do accept online bank transfers. Please email me personally for further instructions.

8. Can I request the author's autograph?
Of course, you can. Simply include a note in the seller section of the order form, and I will sign it. Otherwise, I will send it as is.

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