Research Methodology

The course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and carry out research.

Research Methodology

In particular, the course aims at teaching students about research design, strategies, methods, and processes. The important steps in planning a research project, such as problem identification and formulation of the research question, developing the study objective, reviewing related literature, and formulating a model will also be covered. Additionally, methods for data collection and analysis are included. The course also discusses the preparations involved in writing a research proposal.

What is Research?

What is Research Methodology?


Table of Contents


Problem Statements

Research Objectives

Research Questions

Scope of the Study

Literature Review

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Underpinning Theories

Lederman, N. G., & Lederman, J. S. (2015). What is A theoretical framework? A practical answer. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 26(7), 593–597.

Hyphothesis Development

Materials and Methods

Data Collection

Data Analysis







Research Tools








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