Software Developed

  • 2008: Kindergarten Integrated Systems (KiDS). Kindergarten Integrated Systems (KiDS) is a designed module meant for nursery and pre-school institution such as TASKA, TABIKA or TADIKA. KiDS aims to improvise the administration of these pre-school institutions more effectively and efficiently. This system not only assists the administration of the institution but also interacts with the education process and learning tools for the children. Its user-friendly functions and Graphical User Interface (GUI) features embedded interface are of immense help. It also helps bridging the digital divide among the pre-school children, teachers and the administrators of the institutions. This system has won Silver Medal Award in Malaysian Technology Expo 2008, participate in PECIPTA 2007 and presented at the ASEAN Science & Technology Week Manila, Filipina [7-11 Julai 2008]
  • 2006: Revenue Information System: Smart Application for Direct Selling. Revenue Information System (RiS) is a product of a research project which was carried out based on a case study on the direct-selling sales point. RiS is build based on theresources, events, and agents (REA) data model since it captures only essential aspects of economic phenomena. This enhanced system allows the user to process the routine sales and purchase electronically, effectively and efficiently. The features of this system include: 1. Product and Stock Management 2. Sales and Receipt Collection 3. Customer and Dealer Maintenance 4. Bonus and Point Checking for Dealers 5. Purchase and Product Replenishment 6. Reporting and Analysis. This new developed system has resulted in improving the efficiency in business processes, supporting timely collection of cash, providing timely account information for decision making and also increasing customer satisfaction by improving the quality, speed and responsiveness of their customer services. User-friendly functions and Graphical User Interface (GUI) features that were embedded in it also contributed to the feasibility success and adoption of the system. This system was implemented successfully in a few direct-selling dealers and ready to be commercialised to the public especially for the SMEs.
  • 2005: Government Expenditure & Budgeting System (GovExBis). Since late 1990s, Malaysian government at all levels have initiated electronic government (e-government) projects whose aim is to provide electronic information and to streamline public sector processes, while providing citizens with facilities in order to obtain government services. All of these projects strive, although at different speeds, to move beyond the first generation e-government. In the area of governmental financial management, the use of electronic systems can be useful in budget-controlling and in managing procurement and expenditure. Thus this project is carried out with the purposes to develop electronic government expenditure and controlling budget system (GovEXbis). The prototype of the system consists of a series of functionalities that contribute to the development of electronic budget, asset management, procurement and payment. This project can be implemented in any organization especially the ones that use budget control in order to improve the expenditure process and budget management.
  • 2005: Islamic Property Management & Revenue Systems (I-Promis). Islamic Property Management and Revenue System (I-ProMis) is an integrated system for management of wakaf and baitulmal properties. It not only can be used for recording the properties but also for managing, analysing and locating all of these properties and collecting the income generated from the rental of the properties. Moreover, the future utilization of the prospective property also can be planned ahead based on the report generated from this system. This project aims to integrate the information on Islamic properties in any countries which have Muslim community in order to manage and develop the properties to become more valuable. This system has won Silver Medal Award in MTE 2007, 1st Runner Up in ICT Carnival Kedah 2007, participate in PECIPTA 2007 and selected to be participate in Pameran Pelancaran Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara, 25-27 Ogos 2007, PICC



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