Thesis Title: Continuance Intention to Use Electronic Collection System in Nigerian Federal Hospitals

Abstract: Computerized information systems are being used by public sector organizations around the world. However, studies have shown that there is under-utilization of such systems in the developing countries. Even though there are considerable numbers of studies that were conducted in finding out the influencing factors that lead to voluntary use of technology for personal use, still there are limited empirical studies that investigate the factors that influence continuance use intention of electronic information systems in mandatory system use environments in Nigeria. Thus, the aim of this study is to empirically investigate the influence of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived information quality and perceived enjoyment on the continuance use intention of electronic collection system in Nigerian federal hospitals. It also examines the moderating effect of computer self-efficacy on the relationship between perceived usefulness and continuance intention and perceived ease of use and continuance intention. The study employs a cross-sectional survey and uses cluster sampling technique to collect data from 354 electronic collection system users with the help of self-administered questionnaire. Out of the 354 questionnaires distributed, 274 were returned, but only 231 responses representing 65% response rate were valid for analysis. The findings of the study revealed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and perceived information quality positively and significantly influence continuance intention, whereas perceived enjoyment does not. In addition, the result shows that computer self-efficacy does not moderate the relationship between perceived usefulness and continuance intention; and perceived ease of use and continuance intention. Though the study had contributed in extending the Technology Acceptance Model to explain the behavior of public sector employees toward electronic system use in the workplace, it is only applicable to federal government hospitals alone. Therefore, further studies could be conducted to include other hospitals at state and local government levels in Nigeria.

Keywords: continuance intention, electronic system, electronic government, technology use, federal hospital

1. Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Zabedah Bt Hj Saidin
2. Dr. Aidi Ahmi

Status: Graduated (2018)



Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Aidi Ahmi
Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz School of Accountancy
Universiti Utara Malaysia
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